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Time Travelling Woman?!

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Is she on a mobile phone?!

Anyone else seen this? Certainly very strange, I have no explanation!


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    She's just holding her hand near her face.

    But I must say it's a brilliant piece of marketing by the guy presentingt it. In front of a poster for his latest movie. While holding up a DVD of one of his old ones. Good luck to him. But, as he's been looking at that video for more than a year now, I'd tell him to go and have a good lie down.
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    Most plausible comment is that she is pulling up her fur shawl.
    But she is definatelyy talking which makes it look an odd explanation
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    There was really good reception back then on mobile phones.

    No one else to share your 3G with...
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    [cite]Posted By: Floyd Montana[/cite]Most plausible comment is that she is pulling up her fur shawl.

    Ooh err missus
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    No masts though, so that would probably dent the reception a bit. Strange that people aren't reacting to it either. The first time I saw a mobile phone I was fairly amazed and that was early 90s so you'd think it would cause a real stir back then.
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    Old fashioned hearing aid/horn thing i reckon. Don't remember what they are called though.
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