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Frankie Boyle Tomorrow strike to hi-jack?

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Off to Hammersmith Apollo tomorrow night to see Frankie Boyle. Booked back in March before anyone says I should be at Swindon!.

Being a non-commuter i.e work locally I have no experience of what will happen with tomorrows tube strike?. TFL says some staff go out at 7pm and drivers from 9pm. Does that mean tubes will stop running at 7pm or will I just have a 'mare afterwards?.

Can do it on the train from New Eltham. New Eltham to Waterloo East. Waterloo to Clapham Junction. Clapham Junction to Shepherds Bush then walk. Really don't want to go that way if I can avoid it.

Any advice would be welcomed.



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    I had the same problem going to see Ricky Gervais a few years ago. Got the bus eventually and missed the support act.

    My advice is leave early early early. Or drive.

    Tube will probably be a no-go.
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    You can get trains direct from New Cross Gate to Clapham Junction - hop off your New Eltham train at New Cross and walk down to NXG, it'll get counted as the same fare if you're using Oyster. Might not save you much time, but may save you a scrum at Waterloo.

    Kensington Olympia (same line as Shepherds Bush) is nearer Hammersmith than SB is, just walk down Hammersmith Road.
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    B0ll0x. Missus bought me tickets for this last October for my birthday.

    What days are the strike this week?
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    7pm tonight, services resume "as normal" Thursday morning
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    Cheers mate
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    You going to any of the aways in the next fortnight Rodders?
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    I went last night. £4.15 a pint.
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    [cite]Posted By: LawrieAbrahams[/cite]I went last night. £4.15 a pint.

    £3.95 a pint when I went to the Apollo on the 23rd ;)
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    Thanks for the advice given.

    In the end had no issues. Coming home Picadilly Line was still running.

    If anyone gets a chance to see this tour do so. The guy has no scruples and is utterly ruthless with his subject matter. Felt guilty laughing a few times!

    One of the hi-lights of the evening was watching wives and girlfriends squirm whilst respective husbands and boyfriends "pished" themselves.
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    from the reviews I have read he seems a thoroughly obnoxious person. It's ok taking the piss out of people and getting a larf but not when those people are the likes of Madeline McCann.
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    Went to see him in Wolverhampton a couple of weeks ago. Thought he was brilliant.
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    Took the misses to see him in Brigton a few months back and going to see him with my brothers on Friday. Cant wait.

    For anyone who went, was the warm up act a Canadian bloke called Craig Campbell?
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    Got tickets over a year ago and going tomorrow. Cant wait.

    If you like FB warped humour you'll probably like Doug Stanhope. He is the bitter yank that did a slot on Charlie Brooker's Newswipe. Saw him a couple of months ago and he makes young Frankie look like Cannon and Ball in terms of being a bit naughty.
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    [cite]Posted By: Blinkant[/cite]Took the misses to see him in Brigton a few months back and going to see him with my brothers on Friday. Cant wait.

    For anyone who went, was the warm up act a Canadian bloke called Craig Campbell?

    It was a big hairy Canadian in Wolverhampton, but I forget his name. He was quite funny though!

    On the difference between British and Canadian attitudes to authority. What's the best way to get 100 Canadians out of a swimming pool?

    *Holds nose to sound like a PA system* Please get out of the swimming pool.
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    Saw both Boyle and Campbell in Margate earlier this year. Very funny if you like that type of humour, the couple infront of me were brilliant aswell, she was clearly unaware of Frankie Boyle and the type of jokes he would tell as it was evident after about 15minutes she hated it and was very offended. Obviously the guy was cracking up and was oblivious to his partner.

    Some of the subject matters were very near the mark especially Jade Goody and Maddie McCann.
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    Warm up was Craig Campbell. Quite funny.

    Wont spoil it for those going, but the Jordan and Harvey, Amy Winehouse, glimps into his psyche stuff are real hi-lights. Susan Boyle and Jack Tweed both get slaughtered and outtakes from Mock the Week really made me laugh.

    Amazed that anyone would go without any idea what they were going to see\hear.
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