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  • aaaaah poor Scally
  • Didn't realise they were doing so badly. No big loss, slip away into the conference.
  • Is this the only case of graffiti that has sent house prices up?
  • The comment from Sister Wendy below the article is fantastic.
  • If they keep this up then in a couple of seasons Scally will be complaining that Dover and Margate are taking fans away from them.
  • The arrogance of that Twat Scally who again let his better players go invested in no-one & still expected them to be promoted, deluded does not even come close to covering it.
  • Genius Scally goes, they go bankrupt he keeps the ground. Medway council will be desperate to keep them because what else can there be in Gillingham? He holds all the cards, there only hope is his bullshit pie in the sky Dubai property deal. And what happened to the Dubai property market?

    I say move them to Dubai, and get Maidstone playing there. Saw better football at Maidstone in a few years in the league, than I ever have done in 20 odd years of seeing Gills teams. Gills fucked up when they let Peacock go, then they got Pulis in but it was succesful/woeful football. I don't hate Gillingham, they just fill my mind up with full brain boredom.
  • That is shocking.

    Has no-one realised that that fence will need treating before the Winter sets in.
  • never been a proper club
  • Who cares?
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  • Real shame to see this happenning to the Simon Jordan of Kent. At least Jordan has a (miniscule) element of charisma and (sometimes) speaks sense.

    Dont like to see other clubs in trouble for the sake of their fans, who must be loyal to support a club like that but no sympathy for him. Isnt he Millwall anyway? Never understood why you would buy any other club than your own.

    That graffitti "Scally Out"....population of Gillingham would be dramatically decreased if the locals followed that instruction...would have to be able to read first though I suppose.
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