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The 'Official' what I want for xmas (christmas) 2010 thread..



  • I want a new CL know who is getting on my tits!
  • Call Of Duty Black Ops

    And Money

    Also maybe Piranha 3D on dvd but its out on the 27th of december
  • My Mrs. not to bankrupt us!
  • [cite]Posted By: Dave Rudd[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Saga Lout[/cite]Nigella Lawson... if that's too difficult, Carol Vorderman.

    Sacrilege. Burn him!

    New Bird on Countdown, surely?

    If I get New Bird on Countdown, I'll pop her round to your place, if you agree to reciprocate with Nigella.
  • Anything over 40 degrees will do whilst in Melbourne. First time away from england over xmas so gonna be wierd eating bbq'd turkey on xmas day!
  • (bump, ho ho ho)
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    glad this is still available

    Elephant Dung
  • To be employed! I've been out of work for 4 weeks and it's doing my head in...still 2 interviews this week may change everything.
  • I think one of the problems with Chritmas is that you get the wrong presents. I'm tempted to ask for a scalextric set instead of the usual coat, slippers and after shave. My greatest ever present was Subbuteo Stadium edition - they go for about £500 now (mint).
  • AR Drone
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  • One of these will do...

    Beautiful things...

    I know, I know.....
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    did want an ipad but got tired of waiting so bought one. An offer of a job to replace the one I'm likely to lose LOSING on the 31st would be nice.
  • no more slippers from mother in law , every year slippers from m & s , when she comes down she always says , wheres your slippers clive , i dont wear slippers mum , oh she says , but come xmas new slippers !!
  • I'd like to see my daughter on Christmas Day for more than 2 hours. That would be the best Christmas present.
  • Roast pork with crackling
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    one for all the 'Danny Dyer' 'mugs' ?
  • [cite]Posted By: razil[/cite]one for all the 'Danny Dyer' 'mugs' ?

    Loving the reviews. Really who would bother to write a review for a mug??
  • does what is says on the box....
  • Fender Hotrod DeVille. Don't reckon it'll happen though. :(
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