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Sponsoring U15s tracksuits **UPDATE**

EDIT See last post for update

I have been offered four tickets to see Squeeze on Thurs 9 Dec (7pm) at the IndigO2 - Block 3 Balcony. (four seats together in a row) Face value 4 x £35 = £140

All four are available to the highest offer with any money raised going towards Bromley Addicks sponsorship of one of CAFC's Academy teams.

I'll leave the bidding open until Thursday 11th 5.00pm.

Please only bid if you can, and intend to, pay.


  • I'll start with £100
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    sorry deleted that post because i see you stated the price.

    am there already!
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    Thank you Brunello £100 is very generous IMHO but I hope we can get some higher offers so as to increase the amount of money we raise for the Academy.
  • I edited my post. they probably were 35 quid but with all booking fees etc its 38.
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]I edited my post. they probably were 35 quid but with all booking fees etc its 38.

    You are right Curb it, £35 plus £3.50 booking fee so £154 cost.
  • £200 bid.
  • Thanks Chirpy, very generous of you.
  • Anyone going to go head to head with Chirpy for the tickets?
  • looks like £200 is going to win it unless.......
  • Can't believe no one else wants these tickets. £250 anyone?
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  • It's amazing what you find down the back of the sofa.....
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    No one with the balls, or wallet, to take Chirpy on?

    bidding closes at 5.00pm today.

    The anonymous, by their choice, donor has not only sent me the tickets but also a cheque for £100 towards Bromley Addicks fund raising for the Academy.

    Fantastic gesture from them and of course from Chirpy too.

    Anyone else who wants to donate to Bromley Addicks Academy fund, before the CL fund raising juggernaut gets moving, just send me a whisper or you can donate at one of our meetings or meet me at a game.
  • Is it Mr Tillbrook himself? Doubt it but anyway what a nice gesture. Well done Anon.

    Chirpy you're safe im in the standing section.
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]Is it Mr Tillbrook himself? Doubt it but anyway what a nice gesture. Well done Anon.

    Chirpy you're safe im in the standing section.

    I might be safe but will you be when I do my Phil Daniels bit from Quadrophenia?
  • Are there a few bidders waiting for 4.59 to make a last minute bid.

    Oh, the tension : - )
  • Well Done Chirpy Red.

    Thanks again to all the other bidders (well Brunello) and to our Anon donor if you ever read this site.

    A set of tracksuits for one of the youth teams is £600 so we are half way there.
  • COOL(For Cats)! I was TEMPTED to bid again as I wanted to make sure I got them. I asked the wife if she wanted to come with me and she said TAKE ME I'M YOURS. It beats another night in with COFFEE IN BED or working in the shellfish factory where all I seem end up doing is PULLING MUSSELLS FROM A SHELL........

  • yes enough indeed! Im there with 9 others. No doubt you'll see me/hear me!! will be in the pilot beforehand most probably.
  • anyone going on thursday know what time squeeze are likely come on stage?
    want to catch as much of the match as possible.
  • No idea. The Lightening Seeds are support also.

    Is there anywhere that shows sky sports at the O2? going for my freebie meal at Wagamama first.
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  • When hubby & I were in the Outer Hebrides last week we listened to this gig from Liverpool. It was brilliant! Jo Wylie even gave us a mention when i emailed in saying we were listening & that i'd seen Squeeze back in the day on Blackheath!
  • Going on Friday, cannot wait!!!
  • Due on stage at 9pm till 10.30. Rough timing from the indigo itself.
  • Cheers. Lightning seeds eh?
    will have to sky+ the game and hopefully avoid findig out the result.
  • ful details:

    Doors 19:00
    Support Act – The Lightning Seeds 19:45 – 20:30
    Interval 20:30 – 21:00
    Main Act – Squeeze 21:00 – 22:30

    (Times are subject to change)

    Enjoy your time at the O2!
  • ps.. you might not have a chane if Tillbrook gets word he might mention it!
  • An update on this.

    Thanks to Bromley Addicks members, Chirpy and two generous donors from CL we now have enough to sponsor one of the youth teams.

    More news soon.
  • And it was an excellent concert. Good news all round. :-)
  • Well done HI
  • Well done all concerned
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