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man city vs man yoo

If this is the premier leagues big fixture this week you can stick it right up your jacksie.

How much money did these two teams cost or how much are they worth. What a yawn fest


  • what is Tevez wearing ?
  • I think his face has always looked like Freddie kruger
  • hats and scarves ?
  • i know it was bloody stoopid adebeyor looked like he had nicked mancinis scarf
  • I remember where I had seen that look Tevez was trying to carry off before now.

    Those soldiers who surrendered near Port Stanley.
  • Wat I boring game,
  • that was crap

    mancini needs a few more defensive players on the pitch!
  • Mancini's days are numbered. The players aren't happy, Milner, Kompany, Adebayor and Yaya Toure have all had recent spats and most importantly you can tell that Tevez looks disillusioned with playing such a ridiculous system. Yaya Toure is a DCM, at times tonight it was as if Mancini had tried to deploy him 'in the hole'. There is no way De Jong, Barry and Y Toure can all play in the same team.

    When you have effectively infinite resources and the world is your oyster, that was shocking - what a horrendous waste of money.

    What a dire game, still I suppose we were due one in this fixture after last year's entertainment.
  • Went to the gym early last night so I could watch this, normally Derby games at the very least are spikey affairs, hardly a tackle let alone a chance worth mentioning. Remind me again why we want to be up there again?
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  • We had to sit through that last night as my Dad likes them (of course) and he doesnt have sky. Cor dear even he fell asleep!!

    Dull as ditch water.
  • My god all that money and that is what they turn out they dont even try to win the game.
    Is he realy better than Hughes?? or just a more well known name?

    Tevez jesus give him some help??

    As Adebayor 93.23 gone come on then mate heres chance. Not being funny gaffer but shove it
  • As someone else said, you won't win big games with 3 defensive midfielders on the pitch. What happened to Johnson the midfielder who came through when Sven was in charge??
  • awful game

    thought United were as negative as City myself - Fergie was desperate not to lose to his 'noisy neighbours' so set-up in a very defensive 4-5-1

    Silva looked terrible for City

    Johnson should have started ahead of him
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