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Breezy over there, is it?

I'm just listening to a DJ on Radio Caroline. He's an hour late into the studio, because apparently he had to queue for over an hour to get across the QE bridge, and then encountered even worse problems on the south side. He ,not unreasonably, has the hump because he still had to pay for the privilege.
Actually the breeze has made it all the way here to Prague, glad I'm not flying tonight.
BTW the DJ is called Tim Charles, he has one of the worst radio personalities I've ever heard, but his Magic Carpet Ride (now until midnight) serves up some damn fine music if you are an ex Black Prince/70s-80s Caroline type rocker. They are on Sky 0199 and on the web.
And joking aside, hope everyone's OK if its getting hairy.


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    Was in Pargue on a stag in August and we chose to go the weekend that saw the worst rainfall for years.

    Dont think its too bad over here but then again Im no michael fish.
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    Very very breezy here in Sunny Woolwich! (Won't say windy.)
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