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Wagamama Greenwich

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Hey all

Some of you may know about a previous job I had at wagamama and I used to let you know when they were holding openings so you can get to try out the new restaurant for free. So, just to let you know that there is a new wagamama opening in Greenwich near the 02 in mid December and they are holding preview nights on the 9th and 10th December.

Guests will be sent invites and will have to book in at a time and are entitled to main meal and side and a drink for free - but please leave a tip at the end of your meal.

If you want to receive an invitation to the preview nights then send me whisper and I'll pass on your details to the right person!


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    Can I send you a tweet instead?
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    i'll need your first name, last name and email address pls

    you can tweet me @suzisausage too and Brenda I've already sent your details across :-)
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    Typical. Cant do either night. Even tho im at the O2 for Squeeze on the 9th but there are 9 of us so would be pushing it.
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    B, give me about 4 email addresses for the people attending and get everyone booked in at the same time. you may be pushed to be seated together but you could always ask P & I to see what they can do?
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    Balls - I'm in Australia. You know how much a love a Wagamama as well Suze!
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    I'd rather be in Australia than a wagamama in Greenwich - even if it is free!
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    Right, I've added everyone that has asked to be added. not sure if I've replied to you all but hopefully you'll receive an email in the next day or so inviting you along.

    if any one else wants to go then let me know tmrw and i'll get you added to the list.

  • Options Wagamamas...shame we don't really have any up north!
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    how far up north do you live?
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