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So, our own Michael Grade has been given a gong in the Queen's Honours List.

I wonder if he'll choose "Lord Grade of the Valley"?


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    How much involvement does he have with the club these days? What does he do?
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    He won't be able to use Lord Grade of Charlton, as there is/was a Lord Wedderburn of Charlton when I worked there. He was a right moany old git when I talked to him, must of been an east stander.

    Mind you he must have been 80 odd, so I guess a lifetime of support will do that to all of us as well as making us stooped like the peanut man, with all the worry and disappointment we go through it is not surprising.
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    He's a genuine fan. remember him starting a conversation with me once in the east stand when it was a temporary structure (about Charlton) and felt strangely honoured. He is down to earth and a nice bloke.
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    The Grade family (minus Michael) sit behind us in the West. Friendly bunch.
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    Bizarrely, the only time i have ever seen him at Charlton was outside the club shop on the 1st game back, by thr woman who had that hat with a robin in.
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    What was he on recently when he was just filming a message for something - and he was holding a Charlton mug and im sure he finished his mesage with... Up the Addicks.

    anyway congrats Mickey.
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    I must admit that I hoped that he might put a consortium together to buy the Club. Genuine Charlton man would be perfect, and he is obviously well connected.
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    It was the west stand not the east where he spoke to me. Was the sort of converstaion you would strike up with any fellow fan.
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