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Wednesday Defender Deal Back On?


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  • We could offer him £50k a week, it won't make the slightest difference unless we can agree a figure with wednesday.
  • Perhaps a deal for Bougherra is still on? Everton withdraw their £3M offer, Brum deny preparing an offer and story that we are negotiating terms ... but we have to match Everton's offer to Sheffwed - and of course dirty Minty ruffles a few feathers there.
  • I find it hard to believe we would be able to offer him more than what Everton could. Especially with the possibility of us being in the championship next season
  • They might see him as a nice little addition to their squad - we might see him as an essential addition to our team.
  • He might prefer London to Liverpool but more likely he's been guaranteed a game at Charlton, possibly Everton haven't been able to offer him a regular game.
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    Looks like you were on the money Dan ....,,1999653,00.html
  • and here:,,10304~971205,00.html
  • on sky sports now £2.5m bid idea how to do a link

    There you go Eltham, copy then paste addie from web page
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  • just saw it...........
  • And £16,000 a week.
  • How long before West Ham are linked with him? Paying him 30k a week
  • How much of the fee is upfront?
  • i hope we are pushing someone the other way too, or as part of the fee..
  • i'v heard 2 mill + 500k add ons (if stay up etc)
  • is he any good ?

    powerful centre half ? footballing centre half ?

    what's his style ?
  • footballing CB, still think he'd b best as a defensive midfielder

    great passer, header, quick a comanding fellow but very comfortable on ball, reads game quite well aswell

    from what iv seen he's been a real class act, but that has been in the champ
  • deff an improvement on what we've got
  • £1.3m plus fortune would be good
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  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]£1.3m plus fortune would be good

    come on thats a little harsh lot of my good friends r wednesday fans, not only would they h8 me for stealin their best player but for saddling them with fortune, jesus, i'd have to sleep with a weapon under my pillow
  • i agree scruffle. it's about time the big boys (us) pay what players are worth to championship clubs. these teams can only survive if they get decent money. thinking back a few years to the Bowyer money coming in. it made a big impact on squad money and weve never looked back. let Wednesday have their money. much as i dont like them, i have respect for them as a club on hard times. weve been there and in no joke. if this guy can help keep us where we are, this will be loose change. if not then Charlton as we know it today will become another club that used to be big.
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