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Special mention for Rhinosvalley

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Bloody well done to Rhino for getting on a plane and making the epic journey downunder......those that know him well know that he is absolutely petrified of flying, so this is a real big deal, and I know that Smudge and myself are really proud of you fella. Welcome to the land downunder, I really hope you enjoy your trip. Im absolutley chuffed for you mate.


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    Really pleased that he has done it. Mind you, I will take some of the credit becauase I did promise him a kicking if he didn't get on the plane ............ 1905 for motivational speaker!?
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    Congrats Rhino well done, look forward to seeing you Wednesday. We've got the chance to see Bris v Perth and Andy Todd if you're interested?
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    [cite]Posted By: TEL[/cite]Toddy didnt play against Sydney on Sunday Martin......Fowler looked very fit, but didnt get much in the way of service

    Looks like he's in the line up for Wednesday, but no sign of Fowler. There should be a few Charlton shirts on show and we've got our "deano, there's only one deano" song ready for him lol, hope he doesn't come over and thump us!
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    Well done Rhino.

    Remember you on the train a year ago telling me of your plans to go to Oz - and one very big hurdle you had to overcome.

    Good luck in Oz.
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    Well in Rye! Shame you cannot pop over to perth, we are having a meet here in early december. Enjoy oz mate!
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