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The Oak

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Went in the Oak last night for the first time in over a year, can't believe it's still as bad!

Arrived at 6.15 - no real ale at all. 6 hand pumps and none of them working. Only two bar staff at the time, loads waiting. Third girl arrived at about 6.45, loads waiting. Eventually a bloke turns up at 7.15 pub full, loads waiting.

Not having a go at the three girls, they worked really hard, but don't the owners realise how much they are losing on a match day? Surely even if it's slow during the week, they can at least put one barrel of ale on for a match day.

Back to the Liberal club for me!


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    Yeah but Lindsay is an absolute sort . Spent saturday night with her
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    I gave up on the Oak. Other pubs are further away and less crowded but you're certain to get a better pint and service. The thought of afters with Lindsay may change my mind.
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    Gave up on the oak a couple seasons ago as well. Taken up residence in the rose of denmark or cons club.
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    They rang the bell for last orders at 10.25 last night, and wanted everyone out ten mins later. My all accounts this also happened last tuesday night as well. No way to run a pub, when you have 50/60 people still in there, and expecting the bell to be rang at ten to eleven.
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    Perhaps the oak are not in the game to make money....? ;o)
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    Went in there last night, my Dad waited 15 minutes and still did not get served. Rubbish service in there. Wont be going back again, the lager is flat and they always run out of ale. Not a way to run a pub. I am going to give floyds a try at least that way the club get my money.
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    Reading these comments, I can only think what a shame.

    Last season I used to enjoy going there on a matchday, especially early in the season when the weather was ok and the barbecue in the garden was running. Sitting in the beer garden in the sunshine with mates, bite to eat and a pint of London Pride was a great prelude to the match.

    Even in the winter, while it was packed late on, going in earlier for a pint of real ale before it got too busy for a proper pub atmosphere, then leaving for the Lib for the last half hour to catch up with others.

    A pub like the Oak has to look after it's matchday customers - they may not be it's bread and butter, but they can certainly be the big payday.
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    They dont have any bread butter customers either.
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    Where do all the old regulars now drink? The Swan??
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    Got to say that with the addition of Courage pints to the new bottled beers which were introduced towards the end of last season, Bartram's is now becoming a decent contender for best place to drink. Service is good, it isn't massively croweded and some (more) of your hard earned will be going to the club.
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    [cite]Posted By: Shag[/cite]Yeah but Lindsay is an absolute sort . Spent saturday night with her

    Which one's Lyndsay?

    As me and my mate are probably a bit older than you, we liked the older girl of the three. Something about ponytails!

    They were the only reason we stayed for a second pint!
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