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Name The Football Club - Week 17

edited November 2010 in General Charlton


2009/10 - Winner Henry Inving, Runner Up Valley Gary

NEW FORMAT: Friday Only competition, 3 Grounds. Top 5 points, Middle 3 points, Bottom 2 points. First username to correctly identify the UK football club will be deemed the winner, I will keep a note of winners.

1. Please do not whisper guesses as this may deemed as ambiguous particulary if other members feel they have "posted" the first correct answer. Any whispers will in future be deemed as void
2. Each user can make 1 guess every 15 mins, if your "winning guess" is logged within a 15 minute period of time following your previous guess it will become void and the game will continue or the next winning guess will be deemed the winner.
3. Clubs previous stadiums may be used ie The Dell
4. English League Grounds & English Non League Grounds may be used
5. Scottish League Grounds may be used
6. Welsh (English League or Ex English League) Grounds may be used
7. Clues will be provided at random
8. The winner will be announced by way of the users winning comment on the thread being quoted and confirmed with the club badge of the football team
9. The Competition will run throughout the regular season upto the Friday before the final scheduled game of the regular season (not play offs), for example this year it will be May 6th. The member with the most points will be announced.
10. The Prize is a FREE Mobile Disco and DJ provided by myself with mood lighting worth £400+ from 1930-0000 which can be taken on the Friday of your choice at any time within 12 months (subject to availability) except December dates, Christmas Eve or New Years Eve (if applicable). This can be for any event including weddings, corporate events, birthdays, anniversarys and engagements for example. Venue must be within 1 hour of The Valley


shirty5 - 25
Henry Irving - 16
Nicholas - 13
MrLargo - 13
colthe3rd - 10
Tutt-Tutt - 9
No.1 in South London - 6
addick1965 - 5
Alex Wright - 5
Boogica - 5
oldbloke - 5
northstandsteve - 5
AFKABartram - 5
ThreadKiller - 5
cholland - 5
addickedmatt - 3
D_F_T - 3
Zinedine Bagheri - 3
WestSussexAddick - 3
adrian - 3
MrOneLung - 2
WSS - 2
LawrieAbrahams - 2
Clem_Snide - 2
ValleyGary - 2


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