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Bogey teams

Having a chat with my Dad before the match yesterday going over our past results against Luton he mentioned that they were a bit of a bogey team for us. Thinking about this, I started to go over teams that we always seem to struggle to beat and teams that might regard us an a bogey team. We always seemed to struggle to get a result against Bolton for example whereas Newcastle United could say the same about us. I wonder why this happens?


  • West Ham in a cup game.
  • I think this is a mental thing more than anything, once it enters into the mind that a team is a bogey team for another it starts playing on people's minds, players and fans alike and perhaps makes everyone more nervous. Conversely it is also probably true that the bogey team gets a lift from knowing they have a good record over the other team. Perhaps explains why teams fail against others or have a poor record in a certain area, remember Newcastle going on that losing run of games they played in London
  • We were recently a bogey team to both Spurs (17 years without a win against us at White Hart Lane) and Chelsea (beat them 5 times on the spin I think). Seems a long time ago now.
  • Interesting debate . Your Dad's right about Luton in the 70's and 80's , I think even in the early 90's we played them most seasons ( during our four yeras in the old First Division they were an established fixture up there ) and always lost at Kenilworth Road .

    One thing I liked about Curbishley's era is that he set a lot of those Ghosts to rest and we finally won at Kenilworth Road as well as doing the double over Millwall.

    Intersting someone quotes West Ham , because although they have always beaten us in Cups we have an excellant record against them in the league and I think from memory we have won more than 50 % of fixtures ( although I stand to be corrected ).
  • Richard, for West Ham, our record stands at 6w, 7d, 1l at home, and 5,2,6 away (one away missing 2005 or 06 season, I think we lost).
    For Luton, they beat us 11times in a row at their place, from 1976 to 1995 and our overall record with them is 22w, 11d, 29l.
    As for our bogey teams, of the big ones, Man U and the Arse are the worst, with bad records with Liverpool, Wolves, Aston Villa and Bolton.
    Unfortunately, our records with Millwall, Wimbledon, Blackpool, Southampton, Bradford and Crystal Pee are also very bad.
    The being bogey for other teams (overall, not recent) we are limited with teams of lower profile, WHam, Hull, Cardiff, Swindon, Oldham,
    Bristol City, Gillingham, Peterboro, Leyton Orient, Torquay, Crewe, Hereford, Grimsby and Oxford.
  • It's Millwall, Wolves and Bolton that stick in my mind.
  • millwall in that whatever team we have they melt
  • Bogey team : Snots Forest - I'll get me coat.
  • We beat Bolton 4 1 last match of the season 83 or 84.A Bolton win would have meant them staying up and us going down.We were losing 1 nil at half time then the great Derek
    scored a fantastic hat trick and sent them down.One of the best Charlton matches I have seen.
  • MK Dons- played 4, won 4.
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  • Bogey team : Leeds United. (Apart from the play off game in the 80's i don't remember us getting much from them)
  • We beat them last year!
  • I'm talking over a long peroid of time, Still cant get over them doing us 6-1 at The Valley.
  • Seen us lose to Wolves far too many times.
  • I seem to remember Tranmere were a bogey side back in the 70's...remember seeing Ron Yeates playing for them at the Valley on a Sunday morning....I think we finally beat them 1-0
  • On a personal note- seen us play WBA and Man Utd a fair few times without victory.
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