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New Computer

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Is a Novatech iFlame home computer any good? I have an ancient system about 8 years old, and need to upgrade before the VAT rise. I see I can get said system with windows 7 highest level for about £480. Only really used to windows xp, never experienced vista. Anybody know if the iflame system is any good, or where I can read some reviews?


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    Got a link? Not heard of the brand but sounds like a custom make- they usually are good for the money but best to check out the company 1st.

    P.S. Im a new lifer so go easy!
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    What's the spec?
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    I3 processor is fine 4gb memory is good & 500gb hard drive is more than enough. No monitor in the package and no graphics card so playing games probably wont be great. Also if your not a power user id go for windows 7 home no point getting ultimate unless you really need it. Overall pretty good spec & price is fine too...have you checked ebuyer they sometimes have some good value machines?
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    need windows ultimate for the languages stuff (mandarin), not bothered about games...thanks for the feedback. Will use my old monitor.
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