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I've no wish

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to be controversial but found this whilst looking for something else.

The awful weather of late has made me think about homelessness and the thing I like about the Big Issue is that homeless or vulnerably housed people are trying to help themselves.

If this thread is likely to cause World War 3 on here please remove it.


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    No problem here Len. Felt guilty the other day as I was in a hell of a hurry and could only manage a 'Sorry, mate' to the bloke I normally get the B.I from as I rushed past him. Unlikely to see him again before Christmas so will donate through this link.
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    No gripe from me either. Always buy a BI when I see a seller.
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    Gave my local BI fella a tenner today the poor fella looked so cold,

    always buy the big issue sometimes i end up with 4 or 5 in a month
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    It beats me why the police/security forces don't put the big issue sellers on the payroll...somebody standing around in all weathers clocking the comings and goings of everybody walking by has to be a terrorist/crime deterrant...
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    BI sellers stalk me :(
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    Often pay for one. Don't always take it.
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    If anybody interested donations are doubled today, tomorrow and Wednesday so worthwhile to donate now if inyerested.
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    The BI seller along from Charing Cross is a real character - seems to have a good raport with people and tends to sell a few.
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