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UK Uncut

First I heard about them was in the standard today. Sounds like a good idea, targetting tax evasion companies might make them and others think again, or am I missing something? They shut down Oxford St Top Shop at the weekend and not just bacause of Riscardo's fashion crimes.

What is the down side? Will they also target foreign comapnies that avoid taxes in the UK or just home grown ones?


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    They're on twitter wetting their knickers about their direct action.
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    might have to tell them on twitter that robbie williams is a tax dodger then maybe they'll go after him
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    edited December 2010
    These companies are not guilty of tax evasion which is illegal,but orf tax avoidance which is legal. if the law was changed to make some of the legal practices that some companies take to avoid illegal then the so called benefits fraud would seem insignificant.

    Top shop is part of Philip Greens empire amdit was his wife who he used to avoid paying £280 mill in tax or something like that, he was also the one appointed by the government to reduce waste in government
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    Isn't it Vodaphone who have avoided something like £6b in tax by registering themselves in Luxembourg? I don't normally have a lot of time for this sort of protest but in this case I think they have a point. Unfortunately as fast as one loophole is closed some smart alec will find another for them to avoid paying what's (if only morally) due. It was always thus I suppose...
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    Crimes against Fashion .... blimey
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