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Rail refunds re snow

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I'm sure I saw someone had posted a link to get a rail refund for when trains didnt' run in the snow.
Can you please show the link again.
Local station just gave me a complaints form!


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    It was for Southern rather than SouthEastern - I couldn't find one on the SouthEastern site.
    Despite the fact they're part of the same group of companies, it appears that the SouthEastern refund process is either not publicised or (more likely) non-existant...
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    I would ask at your local station. I got a leaflet a little whilst ago when I asked. You fill it in with your grievances and you send it off. I got a letter back explaining the problem - basically my train went fast from Dartford to Gravesend missing out Greenhithe but the audio equipment failed when the driver told us and none of us knew. I think you're liable to 50% of your daily fare back if you were delayed by more than an hour. I can imagine that's a bit. I should write in as I'd be owed quite a bit back I'd imagine the problem I had getting to work and home last week....
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