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Barclaycard Visa Scam - I think

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To cut a long story short. Got a call from "Fraud and Investigations Dept" £500 taken from your acount have you spent that today" "NO" Can you confirm this information?" Started giving them card info and then felt unsure, gave me a number to call back on or the option of calling the number on the back of the card.
Called number on the back of the card, they verified the phone number and said it was ok to give any information I was asked for.

Called back the phone number left voice mail they called me back.

Are you satisfied we are legit? I agreed. gave them the number of my card, expiry date etc and the 3 digits on the back. OK will speak to my supervisor and ghet back to you.

Felt very uncomfortable about givi9ng the number so although they had said they would block it I decided to do it any way.

Called the number on the back of my credit card AGAIN, this time the operator said no money was missing from my account, the phone number that they had given me was not recognised and they would never ask me for the number on the back.

I explained to the operator I only gave that because the number had been verified by them and asked to speak to the fraud department, he spoke to them and said that they had all the info they needed.

It could have been legit or not but just so people know what maybe going, don't get sucked into giving out details which the company should have


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    The thing they never ask is the number on the back of the card.
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    Might be a good idea to ring the number on your VISA statement, get them to put a block on the card - and issue you with a replacement.
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    [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]Kap,
    Might be a good idea to ring the number on your VISA statement, get them to put a block on the card - and issue you with a replacement.

    Thanks Oggy did that, straight away. Cheers.
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    Just so people know.....

    Ther is a method where the fraudsters can divert your phonecalls temporarily. So when they get you to ring the genuine bank number you have to confirm, you're not getting through to that number, the call is answered by the fraudsters.

    As said before, banks will never ask you for the numbers on the back of your card.
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    If a number calls that I don't recognise I google it before ringing it back. Nine times out of ten it'll come back with a company name or people that have been called by the number before saying whether it's genuine or not.
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    Barclaycard wont need the 3 digits of the back. All the caller has to do is phone your house phone and not put the phone down to you when they tell you to phone the phone number on the back of the card and play a dialing tone in the background when you pick the phone back up to ring your card company(they should be able to stay on the line as they wont have actually put the phone down to you even though you have) it will then be the same person or there accomplice that then talks to you saying that it is fine and to give your card details over. You then give them over and are fruaded.
    All in all you haven't made a phone call as you are both on the same call right from the 1st call they made to you. I cant see this working if they phone your mobile though as you will know that the call has ended by the info on your screen.

    I only assume that this is how they do it as its how I conned millions out of people to buy CAFC on xmas eve.
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    I'm with Plaayer on this and never answer unrecognised numbers on the mobile or at home. If it is that important they will leave a message, email or write to me. I may have missed out on the odd Sky offer etc in the past but even they now seem to be using email as their communication method of choice for offers.
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