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Launch a new alcoholic drinks brand

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Ok, I think that is the task for the finalists in The Apprentice.

What ideas would you have in their situation?


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    Mine would be based on modern confectionery

    for instance
    Wispa flavoured Baileys-style drink
    Dime flavoured
    Crunchie flavoured

    and also on filled with that popping candy

    I'd call it Sweet Dreams
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    I just bought that Thunder Toffee Vodka at Bluewater. I sampled it and loved, and if the finalists choose something along those lines they will have plenty of chances to choose a theme that will look good for advertising and promotion. How about Get The Party Started.
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    No point doing something that is already there. I'd put out a fruit based meths drink (essentially ribena and meths) picking up on two key demographics: teeny bingers that have outgrown alcopops but can't take the taste of the hard stuff and reluctant tramps, either in denial about their status or unable to stomach proper meths. Both are high-unit users and could be attracted by coulourful bottles, low prices and possdibly some bogus claims about it counting to your five a day.

    You could also follow it up with a whole range - an energy version (ribena + meths + a couple of proplus) and a sports version (as with the energy version), which could be marketed to budding footballers, recollecting a golden age where many footballers were hard drinking working class hereoes rather than overpaid rapists.

    Sadly I imagine they'll both go for something done a hundred times before, some kind of 5% alcoholic cola or premixed cocktail or some such, which is why the country is in the state it's in.
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    I would have a non-alcoholic alcopop!
    Tastes like vino verde with a hint of sardines but delivers a hell of a kick so you'd think you were getting drunk!
    Packaged in red and green and called Semedo!
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    JD & Coke in a can

    for the lazy benefit scumbags that are too bone idle to pour it themselves at 11 in the morning
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    A nice alchopop could ba called Charlton Moaners with a hint of bullshit
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    You mean like This Gary?
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    Either launch into the drinkers at home market or young trendy poser market.

    Whichever one I went for my can/bottle would be called P!ST.
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    Booze flavoured crisps. And part of the same range, real booze crisps in S&V and C&O flavours - put them in your sarnies at work, marvellous.
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    I once got hooked on Addlestones cider. I remember one night not knowing whether I had pissed or shit myself, then realising it was both !

    Market that Apprentice people.
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    [cite]Posted By: colthe3rd[/cite]You mean likeThisGary?

    ha i never knew they actually did it. proper chavy.
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    WKD type drink called 'Responsibly'... marketed with the slogan 'Please drink responsibly' - guarenteed winner ;)
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    I'd have a large pre-match drink based on Absinthe - win, lose or draw everyone would go home happy.
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