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Anyone using a US PS3 slim here in the UK?

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My old 60GB PS3 bleated and presented me with the dreaded YLOD last night.

Have any of you got a US version PS3 slim? If so, what do you run the power through? A standard figure of 8 cable? Do you need any form of converter or does it plug straight into the UK mains with no issues, like the old version (albeit with a kettle lead)?

I was going great guns with CAFC on FIFA too - in the final stages of the season and on a cup run (saves - bye bye). Can't complain 3 1/2 years for one of those 1st gen machines is good going by all accounts. That's what I've told the missus anyway.

Any US PS3 slim owners out there - advice appreciated.



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    I am assuming that you have the possiblity of getting a US PS3 cheap and that is why you are looking to run it in the UK so I will avoid the obvious question of why you are not just buying a UK PS3 and say that I don't have a US PS3 (I have a 40gb UK version) but I have run various US games consoles quite comfortably in the UK over the years.
    I do know that you can buy various US/UK voltage converters from Maplin that will enable US Playstations to work here. Make sure you check the voltage of the US machine and buy the appropriate converter, check their website for details for what may suit you- be aware that these are not particularly cheap and may well erode most of the savings you have made by buying the US machine. I presume the deal you are getting with the US machine will still make the purchase of a converter viable though.
    Also make sure that your TV is 60hz NTSC compatible (most modern ones are) as all US PS3's are 60hz NTSC (that is the US TV standard), we have the 50hz PAL TV system in the UK. Sorry if I have stated the obvious or if you are already fully aware of the PAL/NTSC differences (It can be confusing if you are unaware of it)Take special care when selecting the converter as I wouldn't want you to fry yourself or your house! Hope this helps in some way and Good Luck to you! ;0)
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    Cheers Pilchard. Having had the US PS3 1st gen for the last 3 or so years, I've built up a stack of Region A locked Blu-ray movies, that's the only reason I want another US model. Apparantly the 160GB slim has a Universal power converter inbuilt, so all I need is a UK figure of 8 cable and it should work - sweet. Thanks for replying.
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    Excellent stuff,(No need to worry about NTSC compatibility issues for you!) sounds like a decent software selection and well worth getting another US console to keep it flowing along nicely, it may be worth your while perusing a few Playstation forums to find out about the 160GB's internal power supply and check out other peoples experiences and thoughts on it. Let me know how it goes- you've got me interested in console importing again!!
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