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Travel advice please....

Meant to be going to Tunbridge Wells Monday morning:
Anyone advise Me how the A20, A21 & A26 are ?
How bad is the snow/weather down there ?
Many Thanks.


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    I work in Maidstone and do the M20 every day. I recent episode of snowy weather it has been ok apart from that horrendous day when the whole of south London came to a halt. Regarding Tunbridge Wellls all I know is that on Friday night it was bad. I know it's not wholly practical but if you are able to stick to the major roads and leave once the roads are well in use you should be ok.
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    Best bet is to have a look on here in the morning. (Seems to be mostly ok at the moment)

    Kent travel news
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    Thanks SHG & Oi.
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    I work in TW, not sure what it's like there at the mo but haven't heard anything on news about it. Monday mornings generally terrible for trying to get in should help now the schools have finished. Which road you coming in on?
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    A26, then Somerset Road.
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    I work in Tunbridge Wells and my boss has just text me to say he'd suggest not coming in tomorrow. Temperature could be as low -9 during the night, point salt stops working (his words) and snow has been forecast for the afternoon.

    He lives 1 mile from the office and it took him 2 hours to get home on Friday. Fortunately I left at lunch time and I got home in an hour as normal.
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    If he lives one mile from the office he should be walking
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