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Going for A Song

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No, we ain't after some antique midfielder but Alexandre Song from the Arse. Anyone heard of him? Any good?


  • looked ok when he played for arse against spudz and scouse!! Nephew of rigobert (great name init)

    anyway i think no way, not up for a rele dog fight and is only 19
  • gooners i know think he's dire and i agree with mcs on the experience part
  • Done a little reading on Song, defensive midfielder, athletic and strong, apparently dominated Gerrard in the CC match at Anfield. If he plays to potential then could be a very good signing in a position we desperately need to fill. Let's hope it does happen, especially if what one of the sites I read said about possibility of it becoming permanent are true!

    If we could get him in and a striker then that's a very very successful transfer window, (if you include ZZ) that's CB, LB, 2x CM and a striker.

    Also, if we do get those signings in then I think we've had a better window than West Ham, despite their money. Neill is a mediocre full-back and now injured, Boa Morte isn't a bad signing, but can't see him making that much difference to them.
  • pardon my ignorance but has ZZ played yet? (been away lately)
  • Played a ressie match last week- that's about it so far.
  • cheers
    anyone watch him? any good?
  • didn't see it, but i think he had a part in setting up sam's goal
  • cheers Suz
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  • A friend of mine who's a Gooner season ticket holder thinks this on Song

    he's absolutely rubbish, do anything you can to avoid him signing for you. hopelessly out of his depth, i feel sorry for the poor front-bottom. but as Mark says, he's not really the man you want to pull you out of the shit
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  • thats him coming to us then
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