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mobile tyre fitter or garage open to get a tyre fitted after xmas?

Got a puncture in the tread of my car this morning, size pirelli 225x45x17.

Looks like a nail to me,issue is most people I have rung around do not have a website or phone answer service saying when they are open.( green flag could not reccomend anyone!)

Anyone know of Tyre place open Boxing day before the game or the next day open,or whenever!

Live in central Bexley, car parked up at home so no big issue, just have to put the space saver on, can anyone reccomend anyone\anywhere that is open!

Usually use SET at Blackfen or Crayford tyres. ( but cannot see them open till about Tuesday)

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Happy x mas


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    NT open Monday same with Kwikfit. I think a lot of the small local guys have taken the period off.
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    Cheers kap10.
    So a trip to Welling Kwikfit for me then, or Bexleyheath for national.
    Luckily, I have access to another car, just hope that I can get the spare on the estate!.

    Thanks mate
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    Failing that try Elite mobile tyres. Superb prices and they come to you
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    LS Tyres, 24 hour call out cheapest mobile fitters in dartford area (plus my brother owns it) 0800 612 8919/01322 273 612
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    I will give them a call as the game is off.......

    thanks ken
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    shaun is my brother he is very good at what he does. Good luck with it. They are working up til wednesday but emergency break downs only, eg a lorry having a blow out on m25.
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