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Home insurance

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Had a burst pipe, damaged ceiling. Phoned insurers, repair to pipe is not covered by the policy, only the damage (amazed). Anybody know of a company that provides a greater level of comprehensive insurance to cover both eventualities or a web site that may assist in finding such a provider.
Thanks in anticipation, provides something else to ponder!


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    If you would like to speak to a broker who knows his stuff, try

    He's a fellow Charlton fan, but I don't think he visits this forum.
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    That's pretty bulk standard Latimer- Hiscoxs (apply direct) have a good reputation in covering much more than your standard insurances but wil be much more expensive....
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    I make no pretensions to expert knowledge regarding this subject but would mention that Santander (formerly Abbey National) have a "peace of mind" policy which supposedly covers everything particularly if you insure both buildings and contents.
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    I was an insurance broker for years. The standard technical position has always been what your insurer is saying. It doesn't always follow that they won't re-imburse you for the pipe repair though. Often it boils down to what the loss adjuster/claims assessor has had for breakfast.

    The technical position comes from the way the insurers word their policy which is usually something like "damage to the insured property caused by burst pipes" or words to that effect.

    The policy may be worded differently and the insurers may be relying on an exclusion which may or may not apply. I certainly would not want to rely on their own interpretation of their wording!

    If you want me to cast my over your policy wording, you can send me a copy by email to

    bingaddick email address
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