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Managers hand delivering their cv's...

Trevor Francis made it through the Blackwall tunnel but is currently in boots in charlton buying all the vics products he can lay his hands on.

Steve mclaren got to the front door before the wind took hold of his brolly and was last seen heading towards the Kent coast Mary poppins style


  • Graham Taylor would of been there today but had a dodgy orange.
  • Alan Brazil has popped into the antigallican.Should be first to arrive at the Valley in the morning.
  • Darren Fergusson's dad was gonna deliver it, but when we told him he wouldnt be considered Fergie pulled the plug
  • David Pleat nearly got there but got a bit distracted by a young 'lady' looking for business...
  • Curbs was going to deliver his............Praps
  • Iain Dowie was going to apply but got lost on his morning run and ended up getting run over when crossing the A2.

    Alan Pardew was going to apply but the WAGs weren't up to standard

    Harry Redknapp was going to apply but instead of posting an envelope with his CV enclosed, he instead sent a brown envelope stuffed with 20's and false tax returns (allegedly, my lawyer implores me to add)
  • Arsene Wenger was gonna deliver his but when he asked his wife where she put his CV, she claimed not to have seen it!

    Dennis Wise is gonna drop his CV off shortly, as soon as he gets out the cab!

    Eddie Howe is bringing his over, via Burnley and SE25
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    The front wheel on Kevin Keegan's bike went all wobbly along Charlton Park Lane and he suffered a horrible fall preventing him from delivering his CV.

    Ron Atkinson is arranging for his man servant, Akpo to deliver his.
  • Dennis wise has been at the valley since Tuesday but sadly he still can't quite reach the letter box
  • Glen Hoddle will be round with his right after the prayer circle finishes
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  • Avram Grant will drop of his CV but not until he has destroyed his arch nemesis , Danger Mouse.
  • George Burley was dropping off his CV but popped into the Oak for a swift half and was still there when they lock the Valley gates.
  • Steve Mclaren was going to drop off his CV but it was raining and he had forgotton his brolly.
  • Kenny Dalglish is gonna drop his off, but has to go round Rushies first to see if he fancies a game
  • Eddie Howe is ready to get his in but is waiting for his mother to contact his school to say he won't be in lessons this afternoon.
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