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The Kings Speech

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Colin Firth winning the Golden Globe for Best Actor earlier today reminded me that I saw it yesterday.

I have to say it is a excellent film.

Firth, Helena Bonham-Carter as the Duchess of York/Queen Mum, Geoffrey Rush as the Speech Therapist are superb plus a great supporting cast which includes Michael Gambon and Derek Jacobi.

I am not a Royalist but this film deals very well with the notion of Royalty and duty that prevailed at the time plus the abdication crisis which thrust a man not ready to be King into the limelight.

The film is essentially about a bromance between Duke/King and his Therapist. Their relationship holds the film together but the relationships between the Duke and Duchess, and between the Duke and his elder brother the errant King Edward (aka David).

It draws on recent diaries discovered written by the Therapist which gives it some authenticity.

The film strikes the right balance between humour and pathos and you are swept along by the story.

The cinema was packed and I'm told some have been queuing to get into see it. The word has got around of another triumphant British historical drama.

I thoroughly recommend it.


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    Saw it at the weekend and also thought it was excellent.

    Didn't think it would live up to all the hype, but was a lot funnier than I was expecting.
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    financed by the Film Council ... which has now been scrapped
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    Looking forward seeing this.
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    Enjoyed it, and thought the acting was excellent. Would not rate it as one of the best films ever, though - think it has been a bit overhyped, but wish Colin Firth all the best in the Oscars.
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    Well done to Colin Firth, haven't seen this particular film but getting recognition long-overdue for his talents and proportionately there can't be that many British names on the walk of fame.
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    I saw the headline on this thread and thought Bing had promoted Sir Chris to an even more elevated role, and was talking about his first speech/interview on Charlton player..
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    Bromance! Lol! I've never heard this term before and had to look it up. Is it an insult? Have we all had a little Bromance in our time? I'm feeling Brocurious.......
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    [cite]Posted By: Salad[/cite]financed by the Film Council ... which has now been scrapped
    probably the first film in years to achieve what the film council should have been doing - financing british films with at least a bit of hope of being successful in the american market. Waste of taxpayers money that is tbh.

    Great film, i feel it's going to do well at the oscars and be the suprise hit you have every year.
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    It is the irony or ironies that the BFC finally manages to fund a hit after so much dross and waste just in time for it to be scrapped.

    It certainly is not the best film I've seen of its genre but excellent nonetheless. For me the best humour is matched by pathos so that you laugh with the characters not at them. That is one of this films greatest facets.
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    I enjoyed it and thought Firth was v good. Made a nice change from car chases and shoot-outs.

    7.5 / 10 from the maidstone judges
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