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Your CL vital statistics

I've just realised that I've posted here just over 12,000 times, and still no CL badge.

So what are your CL user stats?

Account Created: Aug 22nd 2006
Visit Count: 3484
Discussions Started: 185
Comments Added: 12003


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    Account CreatedMay 13th 2008
    Visit Count :4866
    Discussions Started :324
    Comments Added :5334

    trupmed on two there mate! ;-)
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    Account Created-Feb 21st 2010
    Visit Count-2136
    Discussions Started-32
    Comments Added-411

    Im definitely a reader :-) I'd like to see if anyone has a higher visit count to age of account ratio, over 2000 visits in 11 months shows serious commitment.
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    edited January 2011
    Account Created: Oct 27th 2006
    Visit Count: 7371
    Discussions Started: 67
    Comments Added: 5401
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    Account Created Jan 21st 2009
    Visit Count 3295
    Discussions Started 206
    Comments Added 2587
    Sense Talked 0

    Blimey! Happy anniversary to me!
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    edited January 2011
    Account CreatedJun 22nd 2006
    Visit Count 22147
    Discussions Started 393
    Comments Added 4885
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    Account CreatedMay 15th 2010
    Visit Count 880
    Discussions Started 7
    Comments Added 283

    ........not going to win anything with those
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    Play the long game Damo
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    Account Created May 16th 2007
    Visit Count 5357
    Discussions Started 10
    Comments Added 744
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    Account Created Aug 17th 2006
    Visit Count 4351
    Discussions Started 251
    Comments Added 2337

    Feels like I'm on here all the time, but compared to some of you lot I am a total part-timer........
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    Account Created :August 17th 2008
    Visit Count :1682 (many times that without signing in too)
    Discussions Started :11
    Comments Added :2751
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    Account Created :September 2nd 2006
    Visit Count : Too many.
    Arguments Started : 1
    Comments Added : God only knows.
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    Account Created:Aug 5th 2009
    Visit Count:1829
    Discussions Started:46
    Comments Added:1366
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    Account Created:Aug 18th 2006
    Visit Count:5869
    Discussions Started:107
    Comments Added:4240
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    Account Created:1 day ago
    Visit Count:3
    Discussions Started:0
    Comments Added:4

    Newbie :/
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    Account CreatedDec 18th 2006
    Visit Count6285
    Discussions Started114
    Comments Added1038
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    Account Created Jul 14th 2008
    Last Active 16 minutes ago
    Visit Count 8435
    Discussions Started 226
    Comments Added 8697
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    Account Created Oct 7th 2006
    Visit Count 2540
    Discussions Started 23
    Comments Added 2451
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    Account CreatedDec 6th 2006
    Last Active13 seconds ago
    Visit Count13732
    Discussions Started152
    Comments Added3423
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    Account Created Apr 24th 2007
    Last Active 2 minutes ago
    Visit Count 14322
    Discussions Started 42
    Comments Added 1481
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    ccount CreatedFeb 14th 2008
    Last Active2 minutes ago
    Visit Count3097
    Discussions Started60
    Comments Added1849
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    edited January 2011
    Account Created: Aug 18th 2006
    Visit Count: 23585
    Discussions Started: 917
    Comments Added: 14368

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    edited January 2011
    Blimey CHG - 14,000 visits.
    WSS 23, 000 visits
    If that is a record, perhaps there is some way admin could give you a token of recognition.
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    Account Created: Jul 14th 2009
    Visit Count:1510
    Discussions Started 70
    Comments Added: 3650

    dont post as much anymore im afraid, although probably a good thing for you lot :-)
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    [cite]Posted By: Floyd Montana[/cite]Blimey CHG - 14,000 visits.
    WSS 23, 000 visits
    If that is a record, perhaps there is some way admin could give you a token of recognition.

    Ha ha, yeah, I was shocked to see it so high, the boss will be pleased.
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    Account CreatedNov 28th 2008
    Visit Count 9919
    Discussions Started 73
    Comments Added 5332
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    Account Created Aug 22nd 2006
    Last Active 14 minutes ago
    Visit Count 3023
    Discussions Started 95
    Comments Added 777

    That's opened my eyes, one of the first to registered on here, visit on a daily basis and haven't actually contributed that much really. Still it's quality rather than quantity!
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    Account Created May 18th 2010
    Visit Count 1141
    Discussions Started 3
    Comments Added 1038
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    Account Created: Sep 26th 2009
    Visit Count: 1637
    Discussions Started: 0
    Comments Added: 434

    So i've averaged just over 3 visits a day, around 1 comment per day but i've NEVER started a discussion (worried about being shot down, lol)
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    Account Created Dec 20th 2006
    Visit Count 7067
    Discussions Started 197
    Comments Added 4108

    I thought I was PROPER sad, then I saw WSS. . . . .
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