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A Career in Logistics - advice please

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Over the weekend I have been having a think about possible career paths which I want to pursue. I'm quite interested in a career in Logistics.

Having a quick scan on the internet I notice that CILT (don't read it wrong like I first did) do an introductory course.
Does any lifers have experience in Logistics and Supply chain who could help me get started or offer some advice?

I've worked in a similar role for my Dad's company for over a year and quite enjoyed it, just wasn't suited to working with family. I like to think i've got good organisational skills and people skills which I've developed through work and life experiences.
At the moment i'm working for BHS in thier Operations team, sorting out deliveries and stock control etc and even though I find this quite mind numbing at times, I enjoy it when given more responsibility.

I was looking into working for the Armed Forces as I noticed they are recruiting for Logistics Officers, it seems though that the good wages start if your a graduate, which i'm not. Tbh that doesn't really bother me as I don't have huge financial responsibilities at the moment so I would be happy to start at the bottom and work up.

Any info would be good.

Thanks, T.


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    What do you need to know mate thats my field logistics and supply chain
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    hello mate. No direct experience myself but try for courses in london. Also
    Evening classes. Saturday classes etc. I did an import/ export course at Cavendish college. Interesting enough though the teacher was pants
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    Thanks guys,

    NLA I will whisper you some info.

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    Two logistics companies i know whoare big in food distribution and appear to look after ther staff are Gist (distribute M&S foods) have distribution factory in Faversham, and the other is up and coming Ocado who have a large distribution facility in Hatfield, and in a year or 2 will be opening a second one in the Midlands. Suggest you get onto there website and have a look. Both a reliable companies ones expanding and will be looking for more and more personell. Just a thought. Best of luck.
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    I joined London Transport as a trainee in 1972.

    Had to do what was the Intermediate Exam of the Chartered Institute of Transport - the forerunner of CILT. Had to do things like Economics and The Law of Business & Carriage. A lot was useful and remembered nearly 40 years later.

    Should then have done the finals.

    Didn't really help in my career at the time. Went into marketing.

    However, now you have to have a qualification to be a manager in road transport/logistics. You even need an NVQ to drive a bus or a truck.
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