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Times Xmas Sports Crossword....Help Needed

I missed the results published for the 27 December sport's crossword....can anyone help with the following?

4d..."Goatman, England cricketer in the 1970's" (5) Think it's S---n (but could be wrong!)

83d..."Slim Jim" who passed with honours (6) -a-t-r

15a...."Teams that may be split?" (5) n-d--

79a..."Spread bet finish?" (7) -l--k-t (I think!)

The cricket one is driving me especially mad....


  • 79a Blanket
  • Beds...good man!
  • 79a BLANKET
  • 83D Baxter
  • 4d Susan
  • wonder I didn't get that! Nice one.

    Also to One Lung...many thanks.

    15a now looking like n-d-s
  • 4d cricketer? can you explain that please?
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: redman[/cite]4d cricketer? can you explain that please?[/quote]
  • thanks stone - saved my afternoon and means I can do some work!
  • 15a...."Teams that may be split?" (5) n-d-s

    Must be "sides". I think your "n" may be wrong
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  • Low Ears..reckon you must be right. In which case I need 2d..."Boxing's Old Stoneface" (6) L---o- (if you reckon "London" as in Brian) then my 'n' for 15a is right which rules out "sides"(eeek!) My second 'o' in 2d comes from "Shinto"...which I hope is the right answer to "Sumo is a rite of this ancient religion"
  • Sonny Liston?
  • [cite]Posted By: Half Nelson[/cite]Sonny Liston?

    spot on
  • Half Nelson...think you've cracked it!

    That concludes the crossword....only took just under a month!

    Many thanks to all. I'll be back on this time next year.....
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Roland Out!