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Web site help

Just wondered if anyone could give me some pointers as to setting up a new website

we already have one, but now we are ready to go live and start taking payments over the web and the company we are with is a bit restricted in the way we'd like our site to be set up

Any help would be appreciated, like the best company to go to etc

Thanks again


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    The best company would depend on your objectives, budget, location, etc so I can't really say.

    A book like the website owners manual ( might be helpful to you create a better relationship with your current web company or find a new one which is more suited to your needs. I don't have anything to do with that book myself but I am a web developer and Paul Boag (the author) is someone in the community who always gives good advice so that's why I recommend it.
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    I work for a digital agency, we probably won't work on a project less than £10k.

    If you tell us a bit more in what you need etc, happy to give you some pointers or recommend someone.
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    Thanks chaps, will have a look at getting that book and cheers SE10 I've whispered you
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    edited January 2011
    Hi Creepy, our ecom sites are around £3K with marketing support. Take a look at
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