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Charlton dog collar.

Anyone know where I can get one for my collie-cross? I love to see that look of pity in my girlfriend's eyes...and it's nearly Valentines Day.


  • If you do find one please let me know, tried the club shop and they said there wasnt enough demand.
  • well, my dog demands one!%~{>
  • Looking on the web for "dog collar" - there are some very sick people out there...!
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    You wanna have a chat with my (Millwall) mate at his mrs one! my intial react was to laugh but then I though in the true spirit of Keys & Gray, every women.... arr never mind my boss might be reading:-)
  • Trust a Millwall fan to marry his dog!
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    You could argue at least his dog isnt related.
  • Speak to Reverand Rufus....I'm sure he can help...
  • If you tried one of those places that prints pictures on mugs, tshirts etc, they might be able to help you if you found a suitable collar that they could print the crest on.
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  • [cite]Posted By: F-Blocker[/cite]Speak to Reverand Rufus....I'm sure he can help...

    I was thinking along those lines too!
  • You could try searching ebay for 'personalised dog collar' and get a Charlton one made.
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