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kyel reid



  • Typical agents, hope he stays and sure he will play a more important role in second half of the season. If he can get some confidence and form then he is one of the leagues best.
  • Keep Reid at Charlton.
  • Surely a case of if we get promoted then we will discuss a new deal! if not, then we should not stop him, and his agent can make enquiries .

    His player needs to focus on his form, and his own game which has slipped a little over the past few weeks.

    A player that I am sure has the ability to play at a higher league, so why not with Charlton in the Championship, so let's see if he can regain his 'form' .

    Never to keen to see stories like appearing in the locals, agent's job or not, Charlton's position is a lot more important than one players 'career projection'.
    Let's see the player do his talking on the pitch , not through his agent's pr spin in the local rag.........
  • This has not come at a good time , as someones said already Racon and Semodo's contracts are also up in the summer, lots for Chrissy P to sort out!

    Why not offer all of them an 18 month contract with increased terms ... only if we are playing in the Championship ie they earn £3000 a week now now , & carry on paying them that until we are in the Championship , then pay an increased rate.
  • If he get's a run in the team and gets his confidence back, he is probably our best attacking player. But getting that run isn't looking likely what with jackson doing what he's been doing. They need to keep hold of him though, especially if promotion happens because he would be more of a threat in the championship than Jackson
  • What Weegie said. My mate knew him and says he is a nice lad.
  • Weegie I don't think reidy would've said that tbh .

    If he had then I think it would've been all over here
  • [cite]Posted By: nth london addick[/cite]Here we go test the water time

    I think he is a good player and i would like to keep him

    But do you know what i dont think it would be that much of a loss if he went

    Ducks for cover
    agree Jackson's best option there anyway.
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