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Anyone live Slade Green way?

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Have been going through some old family papers and found my dad's birth certificate which I have never seen before. Because he didn't get on with his father (I was never told why) I only met my grandfather a couple of times when I was very young. According to the certificate my father was born at 39 Hazel Road, Slade Green and I wondered if anyone might know if the house/road are still standing. As an aside, my grandfather's occupation is given as 'Locomotive Fireman', which could explain a lot!! Thanks.


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    Thanks Tel. Being near the engine sheds makes sense: close to work for him.
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    Yep, still there, my pal lives on Hazel road, nice Victorian terraces.
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    Cheers CHG. Must try to have a look some time
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    just looked on the street view section of google maps

    looks like 39 has gone and been replaced by flats

    89 bus runs down the road
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    Didn't think of that! That's a shame, never mind, thans for looking Crusty.
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    Used to live in Slade Green years ago just off of Hazel Road great memories grtowing up as a kid
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