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Sponsored walk for young Charlton fan with Leukaemia

My mum, sisters and my girlfriend are doing a sponsored 14 mile walk to raise money for the Royal Marsden Hospital. They are a cancer specialist hospital and are also treating my 5 year nephew who was diagnosed with Leukaemia in July. He is a keen charlton fan and is hoping to be well enough to attend his first game on the 19th Feb. If anyone would like to show their support and sponsor them (even £1 helps) please go to or

Thank you for your support


  • Such a good cause, it gets my support. Love the photo of the kids in their charlton tops on your link. I'll look out for him at the exeter game on the 19th
  • Thanks To Richard for what is hopefully the first of many sponsorships.
    Come on you reds
  • Good Luck, have sent some £
  • Just topped this up a little......I think it needs a bump too.....
  • Just wanna say thanks to every one who has donated, me and the family really do appreciate it. Just goes to show what a great family club the addicks are .

    Is there any chance of making this a sticky ?
  • Why is there a second just giving link?
  • Love the Photo. : )
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  • There are 2 links for 2 of the people doing the walk, so you can donate through either link it doesn't matter which.

  • My son was treated at the Marsden in Sutton for two and a half years before we lost him. Fantastic people in a fantastic place. Since my boy left us ( but never our thoughts ), they have moved wonderfully forward with things like bone marrow transplants giving your lad a much greater chance of recovery. Give generously everybody, Leukaemia is still I believe the biggest killer of children but they are making great steps forward.
  • Come on People stump up...this isnt a footballers shirt, its a life.
  • I'm so absolutely touched by the comments and generousity. Its my son that has the leukaemia and the Marsden really have been a wonderful hospital and we feel like we owe them a lot, this walk is the least we can do and to have fellow addicks showing so much support is amazing.
    Granpa I'm so sorry you lost your son, its something no parent should ever have to go through. This is why we are trying to raise as much as possible so that with better research the success rate should be even greater.
    Thanks to everyone again
  • Come on people show your support, keep this at the top
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  • The problem is most people look at this and think it doesn't effect them and nothing like that will ever happen to them (exactly how I used to think until it did..!) but the money raised is for a hospital that specialises in every type of cancer and have an amazing childrens unit they are one of the best research hospitals in finding better treatment and cures, so I'm sure at some point in their life they are going to be faced with cancer or someone close to them and they will be grateful to have these hospitals and the people like us that have tried to help raise money to keep them going
  • [cite]Posted By: TEL[/cite]Unreal.....this lot can sponsor 5 players shirts, yet cant help to save a life.....pathetic....(and yeah I know more than most that times are hard)...just think about this child when youre having your third or fourth pint tonight people.......or would it help you contribute if a prize was involved?

    Tel, mate i think that is a very unfair point to make.

    Donating to charities is a personal choice and should never be enforced on people, particularly on a public platform such as this. People use forums such as this as an outlet to 'real life' and though we have a fine record here of people being supportive to individual or co-ordinated appeals, we are mindful that we do not have a situation where people are confronted with too many appeals for their money, or that people should ever feel pressured into donating money.

    Fundraising in the last 5-10 years has completely changed. Ten years ago you might know the odd person doing a marathon or a plane jump who would walk around with a sponsorship form asking for a few quid. There were very few co-ordinated events, runs, walks etc. Now there is a huge glut of them (even down to not shaving for a month) and while its brilliant that so many people wish to raise money for great causes, it simply is not possible to support everything that presents itself infront of you.

    Trawling back through my work inbox for January, i had 7 requests for sponsorship for various things, and have probably read of another 5 on here in that period. And this is in winter before the marathon, fun runs, walks really kick in. Whether you are a charitable or non-charitable person, its simply not feasible to support everything that comes your way.

    The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity is a fantastic charity, and cafc-rmj i'm sure i'm speaking for everyone that every single one of us on here feels for what you are you family must have been going through and hopes to god that your boy is ok. If people are able to support your fundraising then fantastic, but if they either cannot, or choose not to, please do not bear no ill feelings to others.
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  • ps. i do not wish this to turn into a 'charity debate'. If anyone wishes to continue this side debate, please start a new thread and leave this one as it is, ta
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    Further comments also withdrawn, I'll keep my opinions to myself...
  • I would never want someone to feel like they have no choice but to donate and would never feel bad about someone that has chose not to. I was never sure whether anyone would respond to this and have been amazed at what we have raised from fellow charlton supporters. So I would just like to say a big thank you to all who have donated and to the best wishes we have received.
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    My mum, sisters and my girlfriend are doing a sponsored 14 mile walk to raise money for the Royal Marsden Hospital. They are a cancer specialist hospital and are also treating my 5 year nephew who was diagnosed with Leukaemia in july.
    the walk is this sunday 27th of march. If anyone would like to show their support and sponsor them (even £1 helps) please go to

    Thank you for your support
    up the Addicks.
  • Good cause and best wishes to the lad.
  • cheers mate . And a big thank you to everyone who had donated from charlton life.
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    ; )
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