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florida villa to rent near disney davenport with private pool

I own a villa on Hampton Lakes Davenport 15mins disney etc.

I have avaliability for all August, September and October this year and taking bookings for 2012 going forward

Special rates for lifers.

If anybody interested please email me for more info.



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    On this forum we only ever let other members have this kind of thing for free. It is frowned upon to be seen to be taking money of other lifers. Im sure if you paid for the flights you should get a taker for you villa.

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    £10 and a packet of Jaffa Cakes?
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    Hampton Lakes ? Sounds just the place for DRF , as long as theres no kids about of course
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    [cite]Posted By: SE9[/cite]you should get a taker for your villa.

    Darren Bent .......?
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    How much to rent the villa last week or march, 1st week of April 2012, assuming it is available?


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    Looks nice.
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    How many people can your villa hold and what discounts would you do for lifers? Whisper me if needed.
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