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Ry Cooder: Southern Comfort

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For some time I have been trying to track down the music from the movie 'Southern Comfort', composed and performed by Ry Cooder. To date I have been unsuccessful and I wondered if any of you had come across it in your musical travels. I've quite a bit off his stuff, including music from the films 'Paris, Texas' and 'The Long Riders', but this one is a bit of a mystery. Amazon do a download of the main theme but obviously this wouldn't include the Cajun stuff but it shows there is somrthing out there, perhaps included on another album. Any ideas? Thanks.


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    I'll have a look on soulseek
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    How's work by the way
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    OK thanks Henry, three mornings is quite enough though!
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    March, I've done a lot of work with Mr C and went with him to Cuba in '96 for the recording of Buena Vista Social Club (and wrote the liner notes for the album).

    I also helped to compile a comprehensive four CD box set anthology of his work, solo, cinematic and as a session player, for Warners in 1999, which never came out (Ry eventually vetoed it, saying ''box sets are for dead artists'' !!!)But in putting the doomed retrospective together, I accumulated everything he ever released and I have to tell you that sadly no soundtrack album of Southern Comfort was ever issued.

    However, there are three pieces from the film, includuing the main theme to which you refer, included on a two disc compilation of the best of his film music which came out in '95. It's simply called 'Music by Ry Cooder'.

    The other Sourthern Comfort pieces on it are titled "Swamp Walk'' and ''Canoes Upstream''.
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    I was lucky enough to meet Nick Lowe just after he recorded the Little Village album, but despite having almost everything that Ry recorded, I cant put my finger on the S C soundtrack. Sure I have it somewhere though on a comp CD

    Will keep looking
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    Isn't it amazing what can turn up on CL! Who would have thought that a question about a relatively obscure piece of music would result in something like that. I'm indebted to you i.a, bloody amazing! Sounds like you've had an interesting time of it over the years.

    And thanks also to you FM, hopefully I'll be able to track down 'Ry Cooder's Music'. Thanks chaps.
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    Just dug out the Cooder film soundtrack comp. March, and apart from the main theme, I'm afraid the two other extracts from the Southern Comfort soundtrack clock in at just 1 min 10 secs and I min 5 secs apiece.

    The main theme is about 3 mins 45 secs.

    Lods of other good stuff on the compilation, though, from Paris Texas, Blue City, Alamo Bay, Johnny Handsome etc.etc.
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    OK mate, but as I've been looking for it for years I'm grateful for anything. Have actually just found the double cd on Amazon so will send off for it now. Cheers.
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    The film is supported by an atmospheric soundtrack by longstanding Hill collaborator Ry Cooder. The song "Parlez Nous à Boire," sung during the scene in the Cajun village at the end of the film, was performed by Cajun musician Dewey Balfa.. according to Wicki....

    Great slide player, that I briefly met at the bbc who was on breakfast tv just over a year ago!.

    Quite why he was on the programme I was slightly bemused, quite clearly the presenters had little idea who he was or what a wonderful musician he was.

    I thought the music from Paris was simply one of the best soundtracks of modern times.

    A true blues great, now I am gonna have to spend the evening listening to his stuff, as one song is never enough!

    Time will tell , but in tradition of Son House and Robert johnson this man's talent will live on for years.

    Good to hear your excellent work incorruptible addick, have to have a drink some time......
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    Sure the man would have loved this as well.

    I think this man did so much for Blues music, and his slide guitar was simply wonderful like Ry's. Got me into the blues a many other musicians.

    The man on the piano Lou Martin went to Bloomfield school in Plumstead, ( year above myself) and I think used to live in Woolwich.

    Rory, did not give a stuff about record sales, he just lived for his music, to the exclusion of everything else, including his health and eventual life!.

    Best live concerts I ever saw, to this day!
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    Great stuff, Ken. 'Souped Up Ford' had us bopping in the kitchen. What can you say? Still miss 'Whispering Bob' and the OGWT, never been replaced!
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