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Trains on Saturday

edited September 2006 in Match Day Travel
No trains on the down service, buses from Plumstead.

Think the service to and from london is fine though.


  • Service to and from London will be a pile of crap - two trains an hour instead of eight.

    Full details here, while I have had a pop at translating it into English (sorry for the plug).

    Can't believe this kind of crap happens, it'd be nice to know if the club's kicked up a stink about this rather than using it as an opportunity to plug the Valley Express.
  • Would be nice if the club beefed up the bus service to North Greenwich as well
  • But that'd be too sensible, and wouldn't get coverage in Kentish Muckspreader Weekly :-)
  • I think it's crap that there is a Valley Express that brings you deep into Kent, but you can't get a bus to North Greenwich tube station after the match because the whole Woolwich Road is full of parked coaches.
  • Cant you all take a stroll ...
  • It's meant to be a condition for the building of the new east stand (whenever that will be) that there'll be a park-and-ride service from North Greenwich to Charlton.

    But yeah, it's mad, and reinforces the perception that The Valley's difficult to get to, especially when we're now blocking the Woolwich Road with our own bloody coaches!
  • It is weird, that we've got the second biggest station on the Jubilee line about a mile from the ground, and we hardly advertise that it's there
  • Ric - I stroll up there on my way to work sometimes, the distance from The Valley to North Greenwich is probably no more than the distance between White Hart Lane and Seven Sisters. But not everyone's a lean 27-year-old like you :-)
  • How long would it take as a brisk walk?
  • 35-40 minutes, I reckon.
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  • reckons 45mins.....
  • Thanks- i think i will try it out tomorrow. A bit of morning exercise!
  • or if your lazy, any bus from Stop A
  • [cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]or if your lazy, any bus from Stop A

    Hah- never do that-

    Stop A you said?
  • No travel woes for me on Saturday, just have to get up at 5.30am if I want to watch it on the box !!!!
  • Me too AA - at least our football tournament has been cancelled tomorrow, nearly a foot of snow in the last 48 hours up here in Canmore & more to come - i heard the snow was gonna hit Calgary too tonight, when i passed through earlier this afternoon it was *only* torrential rain!!
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