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Made up Bent £18 Million bid / Andy Burton of SKY

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Heard today that the £18 Mil bid rumour was started by Andy Burton of SSN yesterday.

He got convicted yesterday of giving smugster Richard Bacon a kicking and then reported (ie:made up) to SSN about the Hamsters 'bidding' 18 Mil for Bent....

Can't find it in any of the papers but heard about the Bacon story on the radio this morning.


  • is that andy burton the 'sky reporter' who always seems to have the inside scoop on charlton news
  • that's him. I think.
  • pretty sure he's a CAFC supporter, so am at a loss as to why he'd make that up????
  • Because it makes us look good when we turn it down!
  • but could be counter productive & unsettle players????
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: KBslittlesis[/cite]pretty sure he's a CAFC supporter, so am at a loss as to why he'd make that up????[/quote]

    Because it makes for good headlines?

    I said yesterday that this had the air of a fabricated seems that WHU made an enquiry, got rebuffed so SSN/Burton have just taken a page out the tabloid's book which is where there is a bit of smoke quickly fan it into something resembling a fire. This creates the next story for the next set of headlines...the denial.
  • I went to Roan School Blackheath and there was an Andy Burton in the year below me.He was tall and very blonde at the time (26 years ago).Has anyone seen this bloke.Was wondering if it might be him as KB said he's a Charlton supporter.He would be about 44 now.
  • No this chap is about 30 with dark hair
  • Going for a Burton...

    Sky Sports’ Andy Burton, who will be sentenced in March after pleading guilty to beating up former Blue Peter presenter Richard Bacon over an ex-girlfriend, didn’t have the best of days on Tuesday either.

    Sky Sports News were leading their bulletins with his report about an £18m West Ham bid for Charlton’s Darren Bent until chairman Richard Murray came on air to say his club had received no offer for the striker. Until the Bacon incident, Burton had been due in Miami this week for Sky Sports, reporting on the Super Bowl.

    Wednesday's Daily Mail
  • i remember Bacon being beat up, he posted it all on the xfm website saying he got bashed up in the bogs of some night club!

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  • Anyone who beats up that Bacon geezer is ok in my books
    & he gets to miss the super bowl too, sounds like a win double to me!
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