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Help Needed!

Hey fellow Addicks.

I'm in need of some help. I'm currently in the process of releasing a single for my university degree and need as many people as possible to buy it. Its only 79p and I believe its a great song with hints of the great Jeff Buckley.

The artist is called Art Club, some of you may know from twitter?(I follow quite a few addicks) Anyway I spotted this guy performing in a pub in Sevenoaks one Sunday and knew I had to work with him. He's currently working on a PR deal with a big London PR agency who have worked with the likes of Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake etc etc... Anyway I'm just helping him to get his name out there whilst trying to get myself a degree, I hope you enjoy the track and hope that you will be able to say "I knew him before he got big!"

Cheers Guys,

Download link:
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Roland Out Forever!