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Urgent help/advice required

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i found out today its looks as though im going to be losing my job and i just want to know 2 things really.

a) what the standard redudancy package usually is and;
b) im due a bonus (although small still something extra) in April, however if i was made redundant say this month would they still pay me this.

i tried looking for the answers in my staff handbook, on the web, however all useless.

thanks in advance


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    this redundancy calculator will tell you what your employer is legally obliged to pay you. not sure about bonuses.
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    How long have you been there? How much notice do you get?
    What is your age?
    As for the bonus, depends on your contract, perhaps you could get it pro rata?
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    ACAS are pretty good at giving advice on these sorts of things, google them for their helpline and give them a call.
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    Moving along a bit, you need now to start working on your next job. Get a good CV together, and start making a list of companies where your experience would be useful. Be ready to approach them in a positive and enthusiastic manner, find out everything you know about them also using their website, that is always popular with prospective employers, and be ready to answer the question, " why should we give you the job ? ". Look forward in your thinking, and not back, remember you may have family members who need reassurance. Good luck.
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