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Couple of small things:

1. I'd be grateful if everyone could click on Account, Personal Information, and make sure that the given email address (that you registered with) is still an active, contactable account. This is purely for admin purposes, not viewable to other members and will not be passed on to anyone else. With the whisper notification switched off, its not so easy to bring certain things to people's attentions so it will help if there is a contactable way we can get in contact if we need to.

2. It is coming up for 5 years since we started this site, and we have a massive overhaul in the pipeline. Its important that any changes we introduce to the forum and accompanying site will be to the benefit of the users (the intention from Day 1 has always been for a Community site which everyone feels they could contribute equally to, not a closed shop).

To help us do that, we would appreciate your ideas, and thoughts & feedback on our ideas across the varied cross-section of our members to give us the best chance possible of delivering something improved, and what people want.

If you feel you have any potential ideas of what could benefit the site, or think you could add value to getting involved with establishing the framework, or helping provide the content for agreed improvements, please reply by whisper beneath this post (type AFKABartram in the 'whisper your comments to' box). Hopefully then we can form a small 'Development group' team who will reflect the cross-section of members and can assist in driving this forward.

cheers for reading. Please only reply to this post in whisper form as i'd like to keep it a clean thread that doesn't get sidetracked.




    Thanks to everyone for your whispers, there has been a huge array to get through and i've only so far managed to reply to about half of them, so thanks again and i'll make sure i'll reply to everyone as soon as i can.

    If others still have other thoughts, ideas etc they would like to put into the consideration mix then please whisper as not only is at appreciated, but now is probably the right time to get your ideas forward before the site upgrade starts to get put into design. So please continue your whispers.

    thanks again
  • Sorry, I stuffed up, I thought I was whispering!!
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