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Victoria Underground escalator closures

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My wife & her girlfriends ( no the're not from Lesbos so don't bother) are going to Manchester next Friday, returning on Sunday.
I would normally go Bromley South to Victoria & then Victoria line to Euston. But I've heard some of the escalators are out of action for 12 months at Victoria.
Bearing in mind they are ladies with ladies suitcases, is it advisable for them to avoid Victoria at about midday on Friday (ie not rush hour) & alternatively get the Victoria Line from Brixton or get a cab from Victoria.

Anyone got on the Victoria Line at Victoria with "baggage", not rush hour, since the work started ?


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    Can't help on the Victoria situation (perhaps there's a TFL website on it) but could they go by BR to Waterloo or Charing Cross and pick up the Northern Line to Euston?
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    [cite]Posted By: March51[/cite]Can't help on the Victoria situation (perhaps there's a TFL website on it) but could they go by BR to Waterloo or Charing Cross and pick up the Northern Line to Euston?

    Thanks March I had thought of that as well. Also seen the TFL site & it says in rush hour could take an extra 15 mins going up and down etc, instead of just 1 escalator. Just wondered how onerous with suitcases.
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    Should be OK in the middle of the day, but advisable to allow extra time for the journey in case of a delay.
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    There is a midweek cross London train from Bromley South to St Pancras, from where they can take a short(ish) walk to Euston. Doesn't operate at weekends though. This misses out Victoria and the tube altogether on the Friday, and I guess the escalator situation would be better on a Sunday anyway.
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    Could also go on the Circle line from Vic to Euston Square, only a few stairs but a longer tube journey
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    Its not that bad from what ive seen of it the work starts at four and then they put a stupid one way system (missed my train twice because of it) in so you cannot go down to the victoria line other than if you go through the district line. But I was coming back through there again last night and the escalators were working fine (not alot of work going on, that i could see) so i think it depends on how the workers are feeling.
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    Avoid during peak hours but should be fine at midday
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    There are normally three escalators and one at a time is being replaced.

    Normally there is one up and one down working for most of the day but both run up during the evening peak hours on Monday to Friday.

    This leaves the only way to get to the Victoria line platforms as quite a few steps to the District & Circle line platforms and then more steps and escalators.

    This is why you are asked to avoid the station at these times.

    It should be OK in the middle of the day but Fridays are the busiest for cross London journeys.
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    That's my point Crusty - it's the quite a few steps and then more steps bit. Is it going to be a problem for a not so strong woman with a suitcase ?
    I thank you .
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    Tube escalator shutdown spotters
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