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PS3 or XBox 360?

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I'm trying to work out which is the best one to treat myself to? What are the Pro's and Con's of each to the owners out there? Is there much between them? Is online play better on one than the other etc.?

I haven't had a console since the PS2 so I'm quite out of the loop I'm afraid!


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    I personally own a ps3 so im a bit biased.

    PS3 - Free Online gaming, Gran Turismo 5, BBC, ITV, C4 iplayers, has a lovefilm player (if you have lovefilm account)

    Xbox - have to pay for online gaming, has sky player, has gears of war.

    Hope this kind of helps.
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    PS3 also has Blu Ray, you can stream films onto it straight from your PC/laptop with Vuze or just stick a formatted USB/hard drive into it with films, tv series, music and pics on. You can plug your ipod straight in and play too.

    FREE online gaming! Plus Xbox always breaks.
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    I am biased towards the xbox as I own one. Can't fault the online gaming, never had a problem! Though as mentioned above you have to pay a yearly subscription (you can normally get it for around £25-£30), whereas it is free on the PS3.

    PS3 has a built in BluRay player, and Xbox has Sky Player.

    There's not a huge difference in terms of games available, though there are some exceptions so if you're wanting to play something in particular then it might be worth checking out!
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    Just brought an Xbox, and my brother works for Microsoft, so I'm biased.
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    I own a Xbox, love it, even if you have to pay for online but then you then get Sky Player etc

    Always seems to me more games are made for the Xbox rather than the PS3.
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    See old thread...
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    Other thread bumped. Info on there.
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    Nice one ta.
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    I hope you hurt and embarrassed by this sinking!
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    Own both and a Wii, all decent consoles in their own way.
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