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is there a way to jump from forum....

edited September 2006 in Troubleshooting gallery/blog, without another page opening, and without having to find a post with the article in it?
couldn't one of the tabs at the top be a link to it?
same as when in the blog/gallery when you click on forum, it comes back here, but opens a new page?
any chance? i've got websites opening left right and centre here :-)


  • Suze, I'll sort something as soon as I can; I'm a bit starved for internet access right now, so it may take a bit. I've been thinking that that issue needs sorting, but haven't yet decided how to handle it. Anyway, I'll sort something temporary, like making the link from the main site to the forum a link in the same window.... err, if you know what I mean. In terms of linking to the blog from the forum, use the links on the left in the control panel.
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