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Decent Sunday Curry Buffet

Anyone recommend a decent place for a sunday afternoon curry buffet .. the all you can eat for a tenner type places..



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    This place is awesome but Polhill might be a bit of a trek!
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    Was going to suggest the Culcutta Club- great food
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    edited February 2011
    Its probably not exactly what you are looking for but my missus (who is Indian) and I are more partial to the South Indian grub than the usual stuff we get here. There are two places in Lewisham and you can get a full eat as much as you like etc for about £6 or £7.

    One is "Taste of Lewisham" (yeah I know its a shocking name) which we go to at least once a week and is almost opposite Nandos on the road between Lee and Lewisham and the other is Madras which is near the railway bridge on the road from Lewisham to Catford.

    Might enjoy it for a change.

    ps advance warning table service at Taste of Lewisham is shocking but the good quality cheap food makes up for it.
  • Options best all you can eat curry I've ever been to (also happens to be where I'm taking the girlfriend on Monday)

    Shame it's in Hull really :(
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