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Charlton Live - Wish List

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Obviously many CL members are subscribers to the CAFC player and I therefore I hope many of you are regular listeners to the Charlton Live show on a Sunday. For those who think player is pants, don't forget the show is available as a podcast and downloadable though iTunes.
Anyway, going forward what would you like to hear on the show? I'd be interested to know what gets your juices going? What new and exciting features would make the show more appealing?
For those who don't listen, what would get you tuning In?
I'd love to hear peoples thoughts, keep it real though.
Alan Curbishley doing a parachute jump with a fish strapped to his head while commenting on our latest signings would be a feat to far.


  • Are the podcasts updated on a regular basis?
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    I don't think the iTunes podcasts are being uploaded

    You can listen online or download them from here...
  • RSS feed for those who don't use apple (and therefore infinitely better) software.
  • Clive Mendonca.
  • The intention is to update the podcasts on a regular basis, so they are available at the end of the week after the show is broadcast, but this depends on the time I have.

    We're currently amid a ridiculous work schedule, and unfortunately other matters have to take priority.

  • Only listened a few times, sounded a bit like eavesdropping on a bunch of mates in a pub in all honesty....too many people talking over each other etc, not like the original which was quite professional. Not being picky, just honest.
  • Surely the podcasts is a job for the CL guys to do, And not MW?
    As MW rightly states, the comm dept. have bigger jobs to do and with the latest boost of helpers surely they can sort the podcast our more frequently?

    Dave Berry would be a good guest- or if not an interview from a matchday with him would be cool.
  • We have a list of guests and two of those mentioned are already on it along with many others!

    Tel - Yes I agree we can sound like that at times, but we try to bring a show that you can join in with - once we finally get phone calls sorted then it will be more interactive.

    We're never going to get to the same level as Mark's show, for a starter we are all volunteers and we all give our time for free. We also rely on Matt's good will.

    It's a work in progress, but I feel that we've developed and grown since our return in August and we're striving to improve what we are doing. We have our own website -
    from which the podcasts are available to listen to and download. We also have a lot more people behind the scenes, so we hope that we can take the onus away from Matt and edit them up ourselves.

    We're also starting our new Saturday morning preview show from the 19th March, with travel info, weather, updates on the squad etc.

    There's a whole list of things we want to do and we will get there.
  • Fair enough Dave, good luck with your plans, I hope you succeed mate.
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