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Help with match on internet

Can anyone help me with getting the game on internet mascott 88's link isn't working


  • no, i tried that too but to show you care and are serious about them you have to wait 24 hours for them to approve you or something so poo to that one
  • tossers,what about cafc_79 site can't work that either
  • All the info here (free!)

    Don't leave it till the last minute cos it takes a while to get the software to work and find the right channel etc.
  • I've got PPStream working wiht the Star Sports channel, currently showing Sheffield Utd from last night with English commentry, i'm guessing it will change over at kick off.
  • I had it on Star Sports but just noticed it's delayed until 2200.
  • seriously are they doing the not allowed in thing..... thats rubbish.... my mate who is a little cleverer than me is seeing if he can do it with out going on to the site......
  • the wireless it is then, hope my boss dont mind.
  • er actually - is it on the radio?
  • Keep us up to date mascot..
  • sorted.
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  • here is my computer consultant........ ipreferalongerstud

    log onto download the latest version, its free,as an anonymous user.(youmaythere's only 2 options, anonymous, or member. This brings up a tabbed window. Choose the 'chanel' tab, and then selecting various sports channels, will give you the option to watch various games. Find Charlton. Voila.
  • Not really working...... wont buffer.......

    think its knackered ........

    and one nil bolton
  • Mascot any idea what channel the game is on?

    1-0 down already!
  • 1-1, warned everyone not to get excited...
  • right...... Ive manage to get everybody else watford..... spurs and a load of spanish....

    but no charlton I think the best your gonna get is delayed.......

    game on ......

    time for radio......
  • Is it live on the radio?
  • DAB only- BBC London digital,

    otherwise on the net via BBC website
  • cool,cheers fella
  • on a sky radio channel too I think.
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  • yeh channel 0152,bbc radio london xtra
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