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edited January 2007 in General Charlton
Is the board goign to get fixed before kick off? just in case i cant get it on live streams etc? suppose the wireless will do.


  • The wireless!!
    I love that word. So old fashioned. Conjours up memories of my old Nan, doing the ironing on a Sunday afternoon, listening to Sing Something Simple.....on the Wireless!
  • i cant sign in? it keeps saying webpage expired. is that the problem your talking about? unusual cos it lets me post comments but i have to type my password every time? is this at my end or technical issues with the site?
  • its technical issues with this site. when i make a post and hit add your comment the web page disappears. irritating.
  • i've flagged it for Lookout last night, hopefully he'll get a chance to look at it today.

    Cheers for sticking with it.
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