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Shootershill LIghts

edited March 2011 in Match Day Travel
Be warned Ladies & Gentlemen, anyone who uses the lights at Shootershill can expect severe delays getting to the game.
There are gas works between the nick and Broad walk (sorry wrong rd its not Correlli rd) and only one lane opporating on each approach to the lights. I will update in a couple of hours after I 've exercised the dog ; )


  • Thanks for that I will cut down broad walk
  • Nightmare at half 6 this morning even!! Avoid like plague chaps and chappettes.
  • Shooters Hill memory's..... did anyone else try and see how far down they could get into Bexleyheath without applying brakes ?
  • Thanks for that.
  • Its absolute rubbish, queuing up to top of the hill, back past Broadwalk to the Welcome Inn that was, down to the lights at the HaHa rd and have been told down to the Sun in the Sands.

    TCE............for all your CL traffic reports as long as I can see it from my sofa, signing out......................
  • Thanks T.C, I will instruct the chauffer accordingly.
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